Many enthusiastic people write us to share the benefits they experience when using our service.
We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers.
Nerry Toledo reviewed VisaHQ
Nerry Toledo
I would like to thank VisaHQ especially to Julie Cruz for assisting me in getting my visa to India. She speaks in a friendly, confident and concise manner, which help to gain my trust that everything will be fine. Thank you and happy New Year! (on Google)
Jamal Khan reviewed VisaHQ
Jamal Khan
I applied e-visa for Kenya through VisaHQ Dubai and got it in no time and without any effort, the staff is very helpful and guided me as best as possible. Highly recommended them to all. (on Facebook)
Saiqa Ahmed reviewed VisaHQ
Saiqa Ahmed
What amazing fast and friendly service . Julie Cruz you were so helpful and professional. I got my visa in hours !!! (on Facebook)
Tara Bakshi Page reviewed VisaHQ
Tara Bakshi Page
Visa hq was great. My agent : Karim, really made my life easier and got my visa in time. I had left it to the very last minute. Thank u visahq! (on Facebook)
Francois Giussani reviewed VisaHQ
Francois Giussani
I have been cordially attended by Mr. Karim Mohsen, always with a smile, which has given me his contact number in case I was in need to any information; a personal touch that it is hard to find nowadays.
The VISA was proceeded smoothly and fortunately granted, after the promised time. Communication is as well very efficient, as they have kept me on the loop during the whole period of the VISA application process.
Thank you very much for the assistance, I will certainly apply again through Visa HQ.
Francois (on Facebook)
Amar Lal Virwani reviewed VisaHQ
Amar Lal Virwani
They are really honest and helpful. Sonia Vohra helped me a lot !
Thank you very much for clear and family like help... (on Facebook)
Somia Anwar reviewed VisaHQ
Somia Anwar
Karim at the business bay, Dubai branch was just wonderful. He got our visas processed promptly and was always available to answer my calls. (on Facebook)
Peter Petme reviewed VisaHQ
Peter Petme
I was looking for agent to apply my Malaysia visa from then I met so many of them but I remembered seeing VisaHQ on google so I decided to try them, I called to ask what they will require to secure me a Malaysia Visa and to my surprise theirs is just simple and easy so I choose to go through them, today I am happy I did, it was a stress free experience and took only a business day and for those who are so busy, they also have pick up and delivery services of your passport and other documents.
Karim Mohsen working for VisaHQ Dubai, was personally assigned to me and he really did a great job for fast processing of my visa. (on Facebook)
Foutoun Dawoud Skouti reviewed VisaHQ
Foutoun Dawoud Skouti
Karim Muhsen from Visa HQ I appreciate your kindness and ethics, your ability to solve all difficulties with visa process in a professional way and for your prompt response and help , I am so happy to get my visa in proper time and now I am ready for my vacation
Thanks a lot for your efforts and see you in the next visa needed. (on Facebook)
Abutahir Saif reviewed VisaHQ
Abutahir Saif
I appreciate the support extended to get my visa on time and would recommend to my colleagues as well.
Kareem Mohsen was of great help and he guided me on the requirements for Brunei visa and visa was handed over on committed date. It's my first time with Visahq and extremely satisfied with their services. (on Facebook)
Mohamed Abd El-Nasser reviewed VisaHQ
Mohamed Abd El-Nasser
Very convenient and credible company , as well organized in processing the documents for u and very transparent and keeping their word , everything goes on time as scheduled and promised. Also the visa guy Karim Mohsen was very professional in in giving me info and requirments that i needed whenever i needed he didnt hesitate at any time to offer his help. Thank u Visa HQ. (on Facebook)
Amy Mistry reviewed VisaHQ
Amy Mistry
We are very pleased and happy with the services of VisaHQ. A special thanks to Mr Karim Moshen Salem who went out of his way to assist in the applications submission and gave us an excellent service!! (on Facebook)
Karishma Mistry reviewed VisaHQ
Karishma Mistry
Excellent service and special thank you to Mr Karim Mohsen Salem! He helped us with everything to the smallest detail and made the visa experience extremely smooth :) (on Facebook)
Alesya Ten reviewed VisaHQ
Alesya Ten
I applied for visa to Egypt. Was ready in 4 days, no hassle, great service.
Filled an application and received very clear instructions on what docs to submit, processing time etc. The courier picked up my passport and documents and delivered to me once everything was ready. very convenient!
The person handling my application - Tamer Magdy was very helpful, always replied fast to all the questions and was very supportive.
Would definitely recommend visa HQ.
Thank you! (on Facebook)
Mohamed Abu Mosameh reviewed VisaHQ
Mohamed Abu Mosameh
Really an Excellent service , and I appreciate Mr. Tamer for his help and following up my visa status,
If I will apply again for any visa , Tamer will be the reason
He was super star in getting my visa asap
Thank you Visa HQ & Thank you Tamer...
Regards... (on Facebook)
Eslam Atef reviewed VisaHQ
Eslam Atef
best company best employers best Thailand visa proccess .. VisaHQ thank you for your endless efforts ..
Speacial thanks to your highly talented employer ( Kareem Muhsen ) keep up (on Facebook)
Hammad Mian reviewed VisaHQ
Hammad Mian
Omar Bahaa from abu dhabi office. Great service, he came all the way to dubai to deliver my passport. Keep up the great work. I tried Visa HQ for the first and it will not be for the last time for sure, i will contact you guys again for future visa services. (on Facecbook)
Maha Dahlan reviewed VisaHQ
Maha Dahlan
Omar Bahaa was a tremendous help in walking me through the application process, as well as overcoming any issues related to submission to the embassy. Omar made sure I was kept informed of the status of my passport and only required me to come in at the time of my convenience to pick up my passport with the issued visa. All while being a joy to deal with. (on Facebook)
Farah Najjar reviewed VisaHQ
Farah Najjar
Omar Bahaa dealt with my visa I was worried I would not get it in time especially with the short working hours in Ramadan but it was done the same day! Awesome! (on Facebook)
Mohamed Fahmy reviewed VisaHQ
Mohamed Fahmy
Always on time, I have been using them for many years now, and it is always professional and timely (on Facebook)
 Yasir Elhajj reviewed VisaHQ
Yasir Elhajj
I had a very excellent service from VisaHQ, this is the forth time I use Visa HQ and every time their services and professional follow up are extremely exceeding my expectations.
My sincere gratitude to Mr. Omar Bahaa from VisaHQ who helped me a lot to get my last visa.
Yasir (on Facebook)
Hamid Jamil reviewed VisaHQ
Hamid Jamil
Dear Omar,

I feel obliged to write my experience with VisaHQ in particular with your good self.

The way you handled my order was amazing!! Your follow-up and keeping me abreast speaks very high about your professionalism and customer service. I hope you will continue to benefit your customer with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

I thank you and look forward to use your services in future too.

Best regards,

Hamid Jamil (via Email)
 Suleiman Fakhouri reviewed VisaHQ
Suleiman Fakhouri
Had a great service at the Abu Dhabi branch with Mr. Omar Bahaa. The Thai embassy rejected my application for a clerical error but Omar had the application resubmitted and approved by the next working day. (on Facebook).
Lito Dimaculangan reviewed VisaHQ
Lito Dimaculangan
I did nothing but to register and fill up online, pay online, and I got my visa without leaving my office. This is wonderful. Someone(I am sorry was not able to get the name) even called me up to asked me if I need help on the time I paused in completing the application. Great job VisaHQ Dubai.... amazing service... Kudus to you all! (on Facebook)
 Jawie Farasha Galvan reviewed VisaHQ
Jawie Farasha Galvan
I want to thank Mr.Omar Bahaa in Abu Dhabi Office he is very helpful ,polite dealing with his client and he submit my application by himself to make sure every thing is ok now i can travel on my travel date . Thanks Mr. Omar and Thanks VisaHQ (on Facebook).
 Hesham A.azim reviewed VisaHQ
Hesham A.azim
I asked for Turkish visa and I got it within 24 as they told me it's an excellent service with a very good workers I called the office and they was very helpful.

Hesham (on Facebook)
Rana Mohamed reviewed VisaHQ
Rana Mohamed
Excellent service! I applied for Srilankan visa and got it in ONE day exactly as they promised. I was in a panic state as i had a bad experience with another company last year who let me down and ended up losing the money I paid for my trip. So I called visaHQ office and the lady on the other line was so understanding and she promised to get back to me before the end of the day. 5 minutes later I get a call from Omar Bahaa from Abu dhabi branch with confirmation that he'll work on my case immediately... an hour later I get another call from him AND an email with the visa. I can't thank you enough, please keep up the good work. A very special thank you to Omar, you've put my mind at ease . (on Facebook)
Aicha Angel reviewed VisaHQ
Aicha Angel
Good Afternoon,

I want to say thank you to Visa HQ for the quick service its really amazing and the way how they talk to the customers i want too thank Mr. Omar Bahaa for the nice Talking to me and the way how he is fast i m really so happy to get Bahrain Visa in 1 Day only (24 hours) Thank you once Again Omar Bahaa. (on Facebook)
Ahmad Ghosheh reviewed VisaHQ
Ahmad Ghosheh
VISAHQ was a great support and help in putting me on the correct track to get the UK Visa for my self and my wife.
It is my first time to apply for this and had no clue where to start, but omar bahaa have done a great job and played a crucial role in advising on the correct documents required, exact letters to support my application, and has been so prompt in his replies even over weekends.
Thank you omar and visa hq.
Due to my work nature i travel allot and now i do have a partner to relay on when needing any visa in the future.
Thanks again,
Ahmad (on Facebook)
Praveen Prabhakaran reviewed VisaHQ
Praveen Prabhakaran
Hi Imran,

This is to inform you that I had a successful trip to Singapore.
I am impressed by your great level of service and interest.

Praveen Prabhakaran (via Email)
Ashraf Ali reviewed VisaHQ
Ashraf Ali
It was a fantastic service I ever experienced, great understanding approach and professional etiquettes. Specially thanks to Imran and thanks VISAHQ. I am very glad for your extreme support in getting the visa so easier. I will always use VisaHQ and refer to all my corporate circle. Thanks Imran!! (on Facebook)
Ludys Hernandez Martinez Collinder reviewed VisaHQ
Ludys Hernandez Martinez Collinder
Omar Bahaa was extremely helpful throughout our uk visa application, and has certainly covered a lot of areas we had overlooked, which could have resulted in us not receiving the visa, so money well spent. We would highly recommend Visa HQ for there professional, friendly & assertive service.. Thank You. (on Facebook)
Roshni Nair reviewed VisaHQ
Roshni Nair
I have been provided with excellent assistance and support from Visa HQ office in Dubai. Ms. Ludelyn Coronado, their Quality & Compliance Officer was my consultant and she was very prompt, well briefed and clear with the formalities and the processes. I would like to highlight her efficiency and commitment which made the whole process quite easier and quicker. And I can recommend opting for Visa HQ services to anyone from personal experience. Keep up the good work, Ludelyn. Best Regards. (on Google)
Leanne Blanckenberg reviewed VisaHQ
Leanne Blanckenberg
Thank you Ludelyn Coronado for your excellent efficiency and fantastic communication. Never have I ever received a visa in less than 24 hours. (on Facebook)
Matt reviewed VisaHQ
Thanks Imran.

Your services were professional and expedient, and I will use you again when I apply for a Nigerian visa.

Matt (via email)
Sirin Seymen reviewed VisaHQ
Sirin Seymen
I had a chance to contact with Dubai Visa HQ to get a Ireland visa which I received in a very short time. Especially I want to thank Ramy for his help . I was able to receive my visa in a on time. Thanks a lot. (on Facebook)
Boubaker Rahmoune reviewed VisaHQ
Boubaker Rahmoune
I would like to thank Mr. Omar Bahaa in Abu Dhabi office for his amazing service and speedy also I get my visa next day it's very appreciated thanks again . It will not the last time for sure. (on Facebook)
Derek Griffin reviewed VisaHQ
Derek Griffin
Omar Bahaa from Abu Dhabi office was so helpful and full of pleasant surprises. Thank you, Omar! (on Facebook)
Madel Gutierrez reviewed VisaHQ
Madel Gutierrez
Dear Mr. Ramy,

Good morning.

Thank you very much for your convenient and immediate service for this Visa request.

Looking forward on working with you on future requests.

Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Madel Gutierrez (via Email)
Carole Harb reviewed VisaHQ
Carole Harb
Thank you all for your support and your quick assistance Specially Ms Ludelyn Coronado who stayed with me connected on what's up till I got what I need in a very Short time . (on Facebook)
Abdul Azeez reviewed VisaHQ
Abdul Azeez
The outstanding support that I got from Visa HQ is awesome. Especially, Miss, Ludelyn was very cooperative and supportive and process my application in a timely manner. She has done a great impressive way of coordination to achieve what exactly I expected. Appreciated. Thanks a lot guys. (on Facebook)
Zimaz Zarook reviewed VisaHQ
Zimaz Zarook
Easy service, and very good customer service. Mr. Ramy support very appriciated and also Mr.Omar he made my USA application very well and I finally have the visa , Thanks Visa HQ (on Facebook)
Rouni Dkhikh reviewed VisaHQ
Rouni Dkhikh
Very Good service speed action

Very helpful team work Mr. Rampy from Dubai office guide me and Mr. Omar from Abu Dhabi office take care about every details. Thanks Visa HQ it will not be the last time. (on Facebook)
Haris Abdullah Khan reviewed VisaHQ
Haris Abdullah Khan
Had a great customer service experience with Mr Omar Bahaa (Abu Dhabi) and Mr Imran (Dubai). Keep it up (on Facebook)
Sherif El Sherif reviewed VisaHQ
Sherif El Sherif
Thanks VisaHQ for your support and special thanks to Omar Bahaa who was always alerted to reply all my questions. Thanks Omar for your support much apprciated (on Facebook)
Helen Joseph reviewed VisaHQ
Helen Joseph
Very professional team work.

Mr. Hamada guide me by email then I go directly to Abu Dhabi and I meet there Mr Omar Bahaa he handle my case very speedy and I have my visa in only 3 days !!! imazing .

Thanks Visa HQ (on Facebook)
Rami Abou Nada reviewed VisaHQ
Rami Abou Nada
This has been a superb customer service experience. Never before felt such a customer service driven employees. Especially Mr. Omar Bahaa from Abu dhabi branch . After explaining my case and the tight time schedule. He took it in his behalf to follow up on my visa application with the Tanzanian Embassy to insure i get my visa just on time before my trip. He carried my passport all the way from abu dhabi to dubai, over and above his working hours to insure the customer is fully satisfied. (on Facebook)
Lena Halbourian reviewed VisaHQ
Lena Halbourian
Hi Imran,

I would like to thank you for the professional handling of my application for the Hong Kong visa and for the thorough follow up and updates you have provided me with..

I will definitely use visaHQ for my future visa requirements.

Thanks again.

Lena Halbourian (via Email)
Katerina reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Imran,

Thank you very much for your help and great service. I will recommend your services to all my friends.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Katerina (via Email)
Ahmed El-Missiery reviewed VisaHQ
Ahmed El-Missiery
Dear Omar,

I really do appreciate your efforts to hand me my passport by yourself outside your office and I would like to apologize if I was the reason for you not to have your lunch break. :-)

Thanks a lot, and looking forward to deal with you again in the future.

Thanks & Regards

Ahmed El-Missiery (via Email)
Madd Mulla reviewed VisaHQ
Madd Mulla
Had an amazing experience with VisaHQ. Very informative guys at the office, patient and polite. My visa to Egypt was applied and processed in one day due to the information they provided that assisted me to prepare well.
Very prompt on their replies via email and sms.
I will definately advice my friends to use their services.
Ramy and Ludely were the guys i had contact with from VisaHQ offices.
Keep up the good job! (on Facebook)
Ahmed Salah El-Missiery reviewed VisaHQ
Ahmed Salah El-Missiery
Please allow me to thank you all for your support and good hospitality!

And special thanks to Mr.Karim for his guidance and help.

And Mr.Omar Baha from Abudhabi office for his support and concern to guide me along with all the visa documents issuing, application filling,speedy action and cooperation.... You are both an amazing team to deal with:)

This my first time and shall not be the last.

Wish you all the best and good luck guys. (on Facebook)
Maleha Awan reviewed VisaHQ
Maleha Awan
Dear Ludelyn,

I am very grateful and thankful to have found VisaHQ. I have contacted them numerous times about visa related and travel questions and they have always been very helpful. This time, my agent was Ludelyn Coronado, and she was always available to answer my many questions and provide help and support to arrange for my Visa. Thank you-5 stars

Maleha Awan (via Email)
Katerina reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Imran,

Thank you very much for your help and great service. I will recommend your services to all my friends.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Katerina (via Email)
Natalie Gupta reviewed VisaHQ
Natalie Gupta
Dear Mr. Omar,

Thank you very much for the service provided. I am due to travel this weekend and your quick response to my enquiry and fast processing has allowed me to get the visa in time to enable me to travel as per my schedule.

Your help has been very much appreciated. I will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.

Kind regards,

Natalie Gupta (via Email)
Karim Qassoud reviewed VisaHQ
Karim Qassoud
Thank you Ramy,

I very much appreciated your professionalism and attitude towards providing a high quality service.
The service was great, and I would definitely use your services for any future visa related requests.

Karim Qassoud (via Email)
Larisa Malaia reviewed VisaHQ
Larisa Malaia
Arranged Schengen visa through Ludelyn Coronado. She was polite, friendly and helpful. (on Facebook)
Natasha Shawe reviewed VisaHQ
Natasha Shawe
Great service. Easy application and they kept me updated with personal emails and answered all my questions promptly. Thanks so much! (on Facebook)
Brian reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Ludelyn

Belated thanks for a very quick and efficient service!

Best regards
Brian (via Email)
Juralyn reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Mr. Imran,

Thanks for the fast service, you guys are great.
Kudos to the whole team!

Thanks & Best regards,
Juralyn (via Email)
Olivia Mulhauser reviewed VisaHQ
Olivia Mulhauser
Really Professional team. By email or by phone.
Thank you again Ludelyn for your support ! (on Facebook)
Joan Garcia reviewed VisaHQ
Joan Garcia
Thankful to Mr Omar Bahaa, he's been a great help processing my documents. (on Facebook)
Karen reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Imran

I have been very pleased with the service you have given us, ensuring we can take two team members away.

Thank you


Karen (via Email)
Sunil Venkateswaran reviewed VisaHQ
Sunil Venkateswaran
Dear Imran

Many thanks for the wonderful service provided by you.

Sunil Venkateswaran (via Email)
Bianca Steigberger reviewed VisaHQ
Bianca Steigberger
VisaHQ, and their Dubai team, provide, by far, the most efficient, courteous, and professional service I have had the pleasure to experience. The entire team is pro-active and their response time is un-equalled (I was still filling in my application when I received their first call, offering assistance in the procedure).
Thumbs up and kudos to the entire Team. (Facebook)
Ambassador Abdulla Alameri reviewed VisaHQ
Ambassador Abdulla Alameri
Dear Omar,

First off all I would like to thank you very much for a quick services you provide to me ، Mr Kareem Mohsin a great help , can not forget his care to reach my visa request in a fast time , thank you all , you provide and approved this is what we need in UAE to catch the future .

Abdulla Alameri (via Email)
Anjani Kava reviewed VisaHQ
Anjani Kava
Extremely efficient and fast services. I applied for my Kenya visa last night and it was issued today morning! So glad I chose them. Keep up the great customer service :) (on Facebook)
Diana Spinu reviewed VisaHQ
Diana Spinu
Dear Ludelyn,

I can say that this was the best and fastest service I’ve received so far in my career!!!I will recommend your agency to all SCB networking group and all my friends.

Thank you so much! Amazing job!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Diana Spinu (via Email)
Hossam Hassan reviewed VisaHQ
Hossam Hassan
I got my visa to england by visaHQ very helpful team. (on Facebook).
ManojKumar Neelakandan reviewed VisaHQ
ManojKumar Neelakandan
VisaHQ is helping all the way to reach your destination,please ask someone who needs visa for any country they will help you

Thanks Tarun VisaHQ (on Facebook)
Ben reviewed VisaHQ

An excellent experience. I would use you again and also recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Ben (via Email)
Mark reviewed VisaHQ
Dear Ludelyn

Thank you very much for arranging issuing my Indian visa, your professionalism has been exceptional and I would highly recommended your service and customer support, many thanks.

Best Regards
Mark (via Email)
Chiara Maioni reviewed VisaHQ
Chiara Maioni
Dear Imran,

i believe that the services of VisaHQ are very convenient towards fees, however i must say that it is primarily because of your help EVERY SINGLE time i have needed it, that i keep coming back.

I am not sure about other VisaHQ employees, but i am not sure how many others would go through the inconvenience of taking the metro at 10pm to come deliver my passport in time for my travels. This has already happened twice and i would like to really thank you for you constant help and support. It is highly appreciated.
More than once now without your help i would have needed to change my flights and miss out on business meetings, which would have resulted in a total disaster.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best Regards
Chiara Maioni (via Email)
Mokhtar A. Bkkar reviewed VisaHQ
Mokhtar A. Bkkar
Dear Omar,

I received my passport with approved Ireland Visa. Thank you very much for your support and collaboration. It was relay great to have your professional support as my application was complicated and incomplete but you guided me through it. This is my first time to deal with your agency but I can assure you it will not be the last.

Thanks again

Regards (via Email)

Mokhtar A. Bkkar
Abdul Waheed reviewed VisaHQ
Abdul Waheed
Dear Mr. Omar,

Thanks a lot for the amazing news and for your brilliant service. I would wish to come back to VisaHQ for any visa related matters because of the quality of service provided.

Many thanks again and wish you have an amazing day ahead. (via Email)
Raghida Ibrahim reviewed VisaHQ
Raghida Ibrahim
Thank you so much for your email and great service. It was pleasure dealing with your team in general and with Ludelyn in particular. I really command you on your professional, organized and helpful team. We will definitely be in touch with you personally in the very near future (via Email)
 Heba Sharmy from HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein Office reviewed VisaHQ
Heba Sharmy from HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein Office
Thank you very much for your email.

It was a pleasure dealing with your very professional staff : Mr. Tamer who took the initial call then Ms Ludelyn who very kindly handled the process of the visa.

On behalf of HRH office, I personally thank you and Your team

Wishing you and your team a very Happy New Year 2016. (via Email)